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Frustrated not to receive enough visits?
When you are looking for your product or service on google, do your competitors rank first – and steal your customers ?

Did you know that the first 3 results on google receive 75% of the clicks?
On 10th position, you can consider yourself happy if  3 out of 100 people click on your link.
Less than 1 out of 100 people visit the second page of the results.

If you do not appear in top 3 results, then you have a SEO problem. You are invisible on the search engines.

We can help you rank #1 on search engines in  Vietnam.

Yes Your business may be number 1 on Google.
Yes you can increase your leads and sales without paying a single penny in advertising.
Yes it is possible for you to take a decisive advantage over your competitors.
And this, thanks to our SEO services.

Like Brand Ninja, be on top of results

What is SEO?

To rank high on  search engines, your website must at least:

1. Offer a fantastic user experience
2. Provide interesting content to the reader
3. Send signals of quality and trust to search engines.


This is basically what we will work on

An infographic showing key elements of SEO

Key Benefits of SEO

Optimal user experience

Honestly, who likes visiting a slow, non functioning website full of glitches?

More traffic

The whole point of SEO is get more people to visit your website

More Leads

SEO will bring visitors interested in your services and products to your website.

Builds brand credibility

We build your website with your safety in mind. We will secure your website against potential threats.

You don't pay

That’s right, organic clicks won’t cost you a penny.

Works with every business

People are looking for everything on search engines, ranging from french restaurants to financial consultants.

Local, national or international

It can be leveraged to get new customers from your neighborhood or 10 thousand km away.

24/7 Presence

Search engines never sleep. Your website gets you new customers all day long.

With Brand Ninja

How does SEO work in Vietnam?

Understand Your Business

Step 1

We get to know your company, your services / products as well as your customers.

This crucial step will give us the information we need to develop a successful SEO strategy, a strategy that brings you lots of new and free traffic.

We will work with your team, analyze your customers’ online behavior, we get the full picture.

A group of people having a meeting
a checklist board

Website Audit

Step 2

We audit your website to find out what must be improved

There are hundreds of factors that influence your website’s ranking. Such as your website’s structure, content, keyword density, user experience, other websites linking to yours…and many others.

We have developped an efficient audit process to go through them all.

Then we share those results with you, and start working on the action plan – a powerful strategy to boost your website.

Strategy Creation and implementation

Step 3

Now things are getting serious,we establish goals and how to reach them.
Our content writers start fixing the existing content, and developing high quality original and interesting content.
Our web team improves technical aspects and user experience.
We work with off-site partners to get high quality link


Every month, your get a report focused on

What we have done
How it impacted your rankings
Future actions we will take

A group of people working next to a huge computer
A businessman standing and drawing a chart

Your ranking improves

Step 4

Your ranking improves on selected keywords, high quality traffic to your website increases.

You just need to sit down, relax, and wait for prospects to contact you.

You can spend more time with your family and friends.
You can spend more time on improving your business

You spend less time looking for new customers.
Your website becomes a salesman working for you 24/7.

Your SEO team

Our team of copywriters will optimize the existing texts and create exclusive content, regular and quality. The content is adapted to what your audience seeks on the internet, and what he wants to read!

Our development team ensures the technical optimization of your website. From the loading speed of your pages, to the user experience on mobile and tablet.

We apply only legal methods and comply with the regulations of search engines, so-called “white hat SEO”.


What is the minimum contract duration?

We work with project based or month-to-month contract. It’s risk free for you.

How do I know if it works?

We provide you a monthly report with latest achievements and how they positively impacted your business.

Should I choose between SEO, paid search or social media marketing?

Absolutely not, we usually recommend our partners to run paid promotion campaigns along SEO. Once your organic traffic increases, you can reduce paid media investment.

How do I know if people are looking for my product or services online?

We use top-notch research tools to understand how your customers behave online.

How long does it take to see results?

Usually, it takes at least 3 month before we start seeing major results, but they will bring huge ROI.

Will you support me if a problem come?

We offer you free maintenance for 3 months. After that we work on a hourly based fee.

By The Way

If somebody promises you that he can rank you on Google top 3 position in a few days, run away!

This is only possible through “black hat” methods that will eventually get your website banned from search engines.

At Brand Ninja, we only use search engine approved and comply with their policies, that’s called “white hat SEO”.

SEO is a long distance race, but when done right, you will get huge return on investment.

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