How to improve your Google ranking in Vietnam

You need to improve your SEO in Vietnam! That been said, let’s get to the point.

With more than 95% market share , the Vietnamese search engine market is dominated by Google. Vietnamese internet users are loyal to the platform and use it to search for both B2B/B2C products and service providers.

Search engines can drive a lot of qualified traffic and bring in new prospects and customers to your business, but you need to get on the top of searches, otherwise you are invisible.

That’s why you need to work on your SEO (search engine optimization) to show Google that your are a reliable website delivering quality content and offering a great navigation experience. Do that and Google will reward you by increasing your rankings. Better ranking, more business.

This great Infographic from Search Engine Land shows the 200 most important factors impacting your website’s ranking on google. Want to be 1st on relevant search queries ? Abide by those rules.

It is with no doubt scary and involves a lot of optimization and content creation work. But if you want to rank high on google’s most competitive keywords and grow your business, the optimization work has to be done.






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