About Us

A Performance Agency

About Brand Ninja

Our team aims to help brands  to establish their business in Vietnam. With a deep knowledge of the local market, customer behaviors and a wide portfolio of ressources, we aim to provide you with high-quality digital marketing services.

Our objective is to make your company succeed, and not only on short-term, we use digital marketing to help you build a sustainable growth for long-term results.

Total Quality Policy

We can’t stand mediocrity, we promise to all always deliver top notch work.


We love to help brands increase brand awareness, leads and sales.


Being honest and candid with our customer is a priority. Once we start working together, you are family.


Our value Proposition

Your Visibility is the key.

Whatever you are selling (product or service), if you are unable to spread the word and lack a strong identity, you will remain unnoticed.

This is unfortunately the reason why so many companies with a great companies fail. This is why we offer companies in Vietnam digital marketing services to attract and build customer loyalty.


The Brand Ninja Team

Photography starring Robert Karjalainen

Robert Karjalainen

Co-Founder & GM

Claudio Karjalainen



Web Developer

Han Vi

Graphic Artist
Christophe setting his camera




Digital Marketing Executive


Account Admin


Senior Finnish Copywriter