The brand Ninja approach

Developing a successful Brand Strategy in Vietnam

Who are you ? What are your values ? What is your target market ?

Be remarkable

We build a real personality for your brand

Let's craft a suitable marketing strategy to reach your customers

Get Noticed

Your brand's path to success

Brand Ninja provides full scale  consulting services to improve your brand performance in the Vietnamese market. We will research and analyze micro and macro economic data affecting your brand performance.

We will implement the new brand strategy with one objective in mind. To build a consistent brand with a strong identity,  having a powerful emotional impact. In today’s highly competitive Vietnamese market you cannot just be one random player, you must find your right strategy to differentiate and become the one name people remember in your industry.

Your strong has a strong identity, but is your brand aging ?  Do you feel your brand is  getting to old-school to be relevant to your target customers ? DO NOT LET the situation gets worse, it’s time to act and give your business a second youth. From your marketing material,tagline to logo, we will update your image and bring back your relevancy.

The core of your visual identity

Graphic Design

Your logo is the ultimate symbol of your brand. Its design requires prior consulting to understand your business environment and your personal values.

Here is a shortlist of different types of logos we design:

  • Vintage
  • Watercolor
  • Minimalist
  • Luxury
  • Signature
  • Mascot Logo

We design professional Business cards and stationary to provide your company with a strong and consistent visual identity. The work is print-ready

Our Business Design Offer:

  • 2 sided 300 DPI Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Folder
  • Envelope
  • Invoice (Word and Photoshop)

Running marketing campaigns with Brand Ninja ? You will need some well crafted support material to catch the attention of your prospects.

This is what we offer for marketing actions:

  • Social Media Design
  • Banner ads
  • Flyers
  • Poster
  • Photoshop Editing

Some of our previous projects


Sharp Brands

Succeed in Vietnam

Your brand is the one most valuable asset of your business. Yourself, your company and you products/services are all brands occupying a position in Customer’s mind. If you don’t define yourself, others will, and that’s where the trouble starts… Let us help you and make sure it does not happen. Let’s work together and build some awesomeness.