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Our Digital Services

Full presence on every major Vietnamese platform to connect with your customers.

Display marketing on partner´s websites.

95% of Vietnamese customers owns a smartphone, mobile is the new must-be platform.

Be the number 1 result on search engines.

Display your offer to customers looking for your products or services.

Provide your audience with relevant content, they will pay it back!

Reach professional customers on dedicated social networks

We always strive to optimize our campaigns to ensure maximum return on investment for our customers.

A must be in 2018

Why you need digital marketing

Return on investment

Digital is way less costly than offline marketing. With a well-crafted campaign, the interaction with your customer is affordable (sometimes down to 0,001 USD cents on social media platforms) compared to old-school print marketing (Just think about the cost of having your own billboard in Ho Chi Minh City or running a flyer distribution campaign involving 10 people). If you are looking for maximum return on investment digital marketing is what you need.

Connect with your customer

Everyday, you are fighting with your competitors to captivate your target audience.

Digital Marketing is the most efficient way to build brand awareness, connect with your customers and get new leads for your services and products.

Vietnamese are tech-savvy and well-connected people, Digital is the place to be!

You are in control

Digital marketing provides us with plenty of data and statistics that we can use to further improve our actions.  We can track who clicked on your ads, who responded to your promotional offer and what is your customer acquisition cost… Basically almost everything with an incredible accuracy.

Digital marketing is profit-driven, we can prove you it works!

The digital flexibility

Reach the right customer at the right time

It has never been so easy to accurately target and interact with your customers. Digital is the future of marketing in a fragmented market such as Vietnam. If you haven’t embraced it yet, you are losing sales and opportunity to grow your business. This is the golden age of marketing, let’s take advantage of it!

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We have experience working with the following companies:

  • B2b
  • B2c
  • E-Commerce
  • Startups
  • Non-Profit

We adapt our digital marketing strategy to every customers’ objectives.