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Display advertising is one of the most powerful advertising method in Vietnam. But it is also difficult to get it right. Running a “basic” display campaign without proper expertise will almost always end up in wasted money.

The average Vietnamese web user sees more than 1500 digital banners per month, the competition for your audience’s attention is strong. If f you want to bring home new business, you need to stand out from the clutter and get noticed. Your display ads must be relevant, and your audience qualified!

At Brand Ninja, we know how to set up targeted and optimized campaigns to drive qualified and likely to convert traffic to your website.

a screenshot of a display banner showing on website

Why Should You run Display Campaigns?

Display is a flexible way to show great looking banner ads to your audience.

  • Do you want to advertise on a specific website related to the motorbike industry ? You can do that
  • Do you want to advertise to fashion lovers in Can Tho? Can be done
  • Do you want to advertise on a french food related YouTube channels? No problem

Those are just few examples of what can be done with display advertising. Powerful huh?

We build your display campaigns

We have extensive experience running display ads campaigns for customer from various industries.

Besides Google Display Network, we work with many mobile and desktop DSPs (Demand-Side Platform) giving us access to lots of advertising inventory.

So what’s in for your brand?

Whatever is the product or service you’re promoting, we will be able to target the right device, placement & audience.

Which means

Higher impact and better return on investment.

Keyword Search

Far far away, behind the word mounta ins, far from the countries Vokalia and Conson antia, there live the blind texts.

Banner Design

Our design team knows how to craft eye catchy banners that make your audience click. We work on the fonts, colors and call to action messages.

Right Placement

We pick up the right placement, website, app, YouTube channels to reach the right audience.

Display reporting

Far far away, behind the word mounta ins, far from the countries Vokalia and Conson antia, there live the blind texts.

Display remarketing

98% of your website’s visitors won’t take action during their first visit.

What does it mean?

You need to run remarketing campaigns to bring them back and move them down the sales funnel!

Display banners are perfect for this kind of campaign, only previous website visitors that didn’t buy will see your banners.


Feel free to talk to us

Do you want to reach your customers at the right time at the right place? Then feel free to contact us, together we will craft your winning display strategy in Vietnam.

Display advertising is an efficient and cost-saving marketing strategy. In Vietnam we have witnessed its power with various customers from B2B and B2C industries. It works!

We adapt our strategy and working style to your company and your needs. We love to see our customers succeed in the challenging and fragmented Vietnamese market.
If you want to take your digital marketing to a whole new level, drop us a message!

Minimum contract: 1 month only! Our services are risk free!
Languages: English, French, Vietnamese. All others on demand.

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