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Google Ads Agency In Vietnam

If you’re searching the internet for a product or service, you’ll likely use one of the big search engines like Google or Bing.

In 2022, Search engines are one of the best sources of traffic, leads & sales for many businesses in Vietnam.

Search engine marketing increases your business’s visibility online, which in turn will generate more phone calls, more leads, and more sales.

Let’s look at how search engine marketing (SEM) will boost your business in Vietnam.

Why Google ads in Vietnam?

Let’s see if paid search is the right channel for your business.

  • Do you want to reach customers that are ready to buy? Paid Search is the solution.
  • Do you want immediate results? Paid Search can do that.
  • Do you want to be in control of your marketing budget? with paid search you are in total control.

Search engine marketing is a widespread form of digital advertising with proven results. But you need the help of a professional PPC agency t to avoid falling into common Google Ads pitfalls.

If you’re unsure how to set up and manage your google ads campaigns in Vietnam, consider hiring a Google Ads Agency such as Brand Ninja.

“Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Adwords.”


Google Ads Benefits

  • No Minimum Budget
  • Get in front of people actively looking for your products and services
  • Get Ready-to-purchase visitors
  • Convert leads to customers
  • High Conversion rates
  • Get Fast Results
  • Boost Your Sales
  • Control Your Budget

Brand Ninja is one of the few Vietnamese certified Google Ads Agency.

Account Structure

We setup your ad account from scratch including conversion tracking.

Keyword Research

We use sophisticated tools uncover your brand’s best keywords opportunities. We will uncover many hidden gems.

Campaign Management

Google Ads campaigns are all about non-stop optimization. We monitor your campaigns daily to ensure they keep driving high-quality traffic to your website.

Track Your Profits

We provide transparent monthly reports to track your results.

Our PPC campaigns are designed to improve your ROI

Get the most out of your PPC campaigns.

We’ve been in the google ads business for years, and we know how to ensure that your ROI is as high as possible. We’ve helped many companies just like yours to grow their business almost immediately.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, improve brand awareness, or reach more people with your message, we’re here to help.


Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Getting traffic to your website is not enough; you must convert those visitors into leads and paying customers.

We look at your landing pages and test what would make visitors take a particular action.

Our team carefully analyses your current landing pages, and then we improve them by rethinking the structure, rewriting the copy, adding relevant visuals, and improving CTAs (call to action).

The more you test and optimize your landing pages, the more sales-qualified leads you will generate.

And let’s not forget it’s the year 2022; most of the traffic you’ll generate will come from mobile users – you must also provide them with a top-notch experience.


Display Remarketing Management

The majority of your prospects won’t convert during their first visit.

Does it mean they don’t like what you have to offer or your company? No.

Searching for your product or service on Google is a signal that the person is in-market for what you offer.

They are actively looking for a solution to their problem and asking Google to help them find it!

The best way to bring them back is via retargeting, which allows you to show display ads to the prospects who visited your website.

Remarketing (display advertising on GDN) can increase your website’s revenue by at least 20%.

SEM Tools We Use

You need an expert ppc service provider in vietnam

With today’s technology, almost anyone can create a Google ads campaign. While the interface is easy to use, it does not mean that your campaign will be successful. 

Is your goal to manage Google Ads in Vietnam by yourself? If not, why not hire an agency to help you do it properly?

Brand ninja can help you with every aspect of your Google Ads project, from setting up your first campaign to the ongoing optimization.

You can rely on us to keep your PPC campaigns running smoothly and efficiently.

PPC Management FAQs

Is Google Ads the right solution for my business?
What is the minimum budget?
I tried Google Ads before it never worked for me
How Many Clicks Can I Expect?
How long are your contracts?
Who will pay for the ads?

Our team will help you evaluate whether Google Ads is a high potential channel for your business.

You need to plan for a $1,000/month investment. In order to get the largest return on investment, you need to have a sizable budget.

We hear this often – Most of the time those paid campaigns have not been managed by a digital marketing professional.

  • Did you try to run the campaigns in-house without a specialist ?
  • Did you use an incredibly cheap agency or freelancer ?

We have provided consulting services to countless companies that have had campaigns fail due to poor management.. If you don’t know how to manage your campaign, you can easily burn thousands of dollars in no time…

If you’re not an expert at Google Ads, be sure you work with a professional…Like us 🙂

The number of clicks you can get depends on your budget and how many people search for related terms and phrases each day.

We offer low risk 3 months contracts.

We have 2 options:

  • You create your own Google ads account then give us limited access, Google will bill you directly.
  • We can create a Google ads account on your behalf and charge the media budget upfront.

Case Studies

Some previous Google Ads projects we’ve been working on.

Interested In our Google ads management services ?

If you’re ready to establish a position as the leading provider in your industry, let us know right away — we’ll put

We have 10 years experience running hundreds of google ads campaigns across the world.

Languages: Vietnamese, English, French.

How to find the right google ads agency in Vietnam

  1. Prepare a project brief

  2. Consider your budget

  3. Consider the prospect agency’s minimum management fees

  4. Short-list most potential Vietnamese ppc agencies

  5. Setup a discovery call to discuss your ppc project

  6. Discuss the google ads agency’s working process

  7. Make sure the agency is transparent and honest