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Google Ads Marketing

Unleash the power of search engines
Google Ads Agency In Vietnam

How do people search for a product or service they need? Like everybody else, they go online and use a search engine!

Search engines are such a wonderful source of high quality traffic, leads and sales for almost every business.

Search engine marketing will make your phone and cash machine ring.

Find out more about your opportunity.

Why Google Search?

Let’s see if Paid search is adapted to your online marketing needs.

  • Do you want to reach customers that are ready to buy ? Paid Search is the solution.
  • Do you want immediate results? Paid Search is the key.
  • Do you want to be in control of your marketing budget? Paid Search is what you need.

Search engine marketing is one of the most popular form of digital advertising out there.


Because it simply works like a charm.

“Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Adwords.”


Google Ads Benefits

  • No Minimum Budget
  • Get in front of people actively looking for your products and services
  • Get Ready-to-purchase visitors
  • Convert leads to customers
  • High Conversion rates
  • Get Fast Results
  • Boost Your Sales
  • Control Your Budget

Brand Ninja is one of the few Vietnamese certified Google Ads Agency.

Account Structure

We setup your ad account from scratch including

Keyword Research

We use sophisticated tools to find your brand’s best keywords opportunities. We will uncover many hidden gems.

Campaign Management

Google Ads campaigns are all about non-stop optimization. We monitor your campaigns on a daily basis to ensure high quality traffic to your website.

Track Your Profits

We provide transparent monthly reports to track your results.

We Improve your ROI with PPC campaigns

We always hunt the most relevant keywords.
We write killer ads.
We improve your quality scores to get cheaper clicks

Conversion Optimization

Getting high quality traffic to your website is only 50% of the job.

We audit your landing pages and improve them to boost conversions.

We’ll work on things such as user experience, content structure, call-to-actions and A/B test them.




Most of your prospects won’t convert during their first visit.
Does it mean they don’t like what you have to offer or your company? No

By searching for your products or services, they have shown real interest for what you have to offer.

This is why we run “retargeting” campaigns, we will bring them back by showing them attractive display banners.

Display remarketing is one of the cheapest method for boosting your conversion rates.

SEM Tools We Use

Don't Try It At Home

It’s true. YOU can start a Google ads campaign without external help, the user interface is pretty user friendly… Then why should you hire an agency? Why not manage campaigns by yourself?

You do not want to do that; Search Engine Marketing is much more complicated than what it appears. From ad copy to bidding or landing page optimization, there are lots of moving parts that take years to master.

PPC Management FAQs

Is Google Ads the right solution for my business?
What is the minimum budget?
I tried Google Ads before it never worked for me
How Many Clicks Can I Expect?
How long are your contracts?
Who will pay for the ads?

We will help you to uncover this critical question. We analyze together what you have to sell, and decide whether Google Ads is a high potential channel.

We strongly advise a minimum budget of  $1,000/month. Remember, it’s not a cost but an investment.

We hear this really often – Most of the time those campaigns have not been managed by a digital marketing professional.

  • Did you try to run the campaigns in-house without a specialist ?
  • Did you use an incredibly cheap agency or freelancer ?

Over the years, we have witnessed countless poorly managed campaigns that did not have a single chance to succeed . If you don’t know what you are doing, you can burn thousands of dollars in no-time…

Without getting a single sale.

Go with real digital marketing specialists.

The amount of clicks your campaign will get depends:

  • On your budget (we pay for each click – the cost of clik depends on the industry).
  • How optimized your campaign is (the better, the cheaper).

We offer low risk 3 months contracts.

We have 2 options:

  • You can create your own Google ads account then give us limited access, Google will bill you directly.
  • We can create a Google ads account on your behalf and charge the media budget upfront.

Interested In our Google ads management services ?

Are you ready to take down your competition and become the leading brand on search engines? If yes contact us right away, we ll put you in front of any potential customers.

Our extensive online advertising experience in France, Finland and Vietnam can now benefit your business, are you ready to take your sales to a whole new level?

Minimum contract: 1 month only! Our services are risk free!
Languages: English, French, Vietnamese. All others on demand.

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