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Paid Search in Vietnam

How do Vietnamese find a specific product or service they need? Like everybody else, they go online and use a search engine!

The 3 most popular search engines in Vietnam are:

In 2019, you must be visible on search engines. If you are not there, one of your competitor is probably already leveraging its power… and stealing customers from you.

Google paid search services in Vietnam

Don't let your competitors be the number 1

Let’s see if Paid search is adapted to your online marketing needs.

  • Do you want to reach customers that are ready to buy ? Paid Search is the solution
  • Do you want immediate results? Paid Search is the key
  • Do you want to be in control of your marketing budget? Paid Search is what you need

There is a reason why search engine marketing is one of the most popular form of advertising worldwide. It works well and promises immediate return on investment!

Our paid search offer includes

  • Business analysis
    • We analyze your product, services, customers and competitive landscape.
  • Keyword research
    • What and how are your customers searching for your products online?
    • Which keywords are most likely to convert?
  • We setup your campaign structure
  • We optimize your bidding strategies
    • To bring maximum return on investment
  • A/B Testing
    • We test different ads and bidding strategies
  • Optimization on a daily basis
    • Keywords and strategy
    • Landing Pages
    • General website visitor experience
  • Results
    • You become your category’s leader
    • Your sales skyrocket

Get new customers today with our paid search services

Trust our Paid search services and you will

  1. Attract an audience actively looking for your products and services
  2. Get Ready-to-purchase visitors
  3. Convert leads to customers
  4. Get immediate results
  5. Boost your sales and business
A man handling a smartphone and visiting a social media website

Paid search is the key to your online success

Be in front of your customers
Beat your competition
Dominate your category on search engines
Increase your sales

Are you ready to take down your competition and become the leading brand on search engines? If yes contact us right away, we know how to make you succeed in Vietnam.

Our extensive online advertising experience in France, Finland and Vietnam can now benefit your business, are you ready to take your sales to a whole new level?

Minimum contract: 1 month only! Our services are risk free!
Languages: English, French, Vietnamese. All others on demand.

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