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Facebook And Instagram Marketing Vietnam

Do you want to promote and grow your sales fast in Vietnam? There are no faster options than Social Media advertising to get amazing results with a minimum investment.

Social Media advertising in Vietnam is CHEAP, often less than 4 USD to reach 1000 PEOPLE. Can print advertising beat that?

It doesn’t mean that it’s easy to achieve those impressive numbers.

You might want to take care of your online strategy by yourself.

WRONG IDEA, without extensive experience of social media advertising you will most likely burn your money and get NO results.

No worries, Brand Ninja is here to help your reach your objectives in the highly fragmented Vietnamese online market!

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Target precise demographics

Social Media has an almost unlimited potential for companies looking to advertise to a specific highly targeted audience.

  • Do you want to advertise to women between 20 and 35 living in Hanoi? We can do that
  • Do you want to advertise to pet owners in Ho Chi Minh City? We can do that
  • Do you want to advertise to energy drink lovers in Dalat? We can do that

This is where lies the power of a tool such as Facebook. You don’t waste your money on irrelevant clicks. People who see your ads are potential customers!

Range of social Media advertising services

  • Social Media advertising strategy creation
    • Together we discuss your business, your products, your customers and your goals.
    • Selection of the most potential platforms
    • Suggestion of an appropriate monthly budget
  • Audience creation
    • Creation of the perfect audiences for your products/services. We segment the audience based on demographics, locations, interests, behaviors…
  • High impact Ads creation
    • We write powerful ads and select attention grabbing images, to make sure you stand out.
  • Optimization
    • We create ad variations to find out which mix of text and image brings the best results.
  • Monitoring
    • We monitor your social media advertising campaigns daily.
    • We learn from the results and optimize your campaigns
  • Reporting
    • You get easy to understand reports
    • You get with recommendations to improve your social media presence.
  • Results
    • You get new leads, customers and sales.
    • You grow your business

Do you want to try the power of social media advertising?

Our social media advertising offer helps you to:

  • Build your online brand awareness in Vietnam
  • Foster Brand Loyalty
  • Bring people to your events
  • Generate new leads
  • Convert your prospects into customers
  • Retarget people who previously visited your website
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With Brand Ninja you will

Connect with your audience
Engage your audience
Build brand awareness
Generate leads that convert in sales

Brand Ninja has experience working on online marketing campaigns with customers from several industries such as FMCG, bars/restaurants/hospitality, retailers, entertainment, clothing brands, B2B…
We know how to talk to Vietnamese and expatriates living here. Therefore, Brand Ninja is the marketing agency you need in the local market.
Our pricing is flexible, adapted to your project.
Our management fee starts at 6 million VND/month. Then you decide your advertising budget.
Our minimum contract? 1 month, it is risk free for you!
We work on your social media advertising project on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Zalo, twitter… If you have any special requests, please contact us!
Languages: English, French, Vietnamese. All others on demand.

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