Online Success in Vietnam starts with Video Marketing

When you think about video marketing, think about this
82% of consumers prefer videos over static images
Videos get 12 x more shares and likes on social medias

Video Marketing with Youtube

With video advertising you pay either each time everybody watches your videos (at least 3 seconds on Facebook and 30 seconds on YouTube), or you can try CPM bid (you pay for each 1,000 views of your ad).

In Vietnam, more than 90% of users watch video ads on mobile devices, that’s great news!

According to Google “Those who see ads or branded content on their smartphones are 1.8X as likely to share it as their desktop counterparts.
Mobile devices viewers are also more likely to feel a “sense of personal connection to the brand”.

Great if your objective is to create a stronger emotional relationship between your brand and your audience.

Best of all, it’s cheap!

Less than 100 (one hundred) VND per 30 second video view on YouTube and between 70-80 (seventy to eighty) VND per 10 seconds views on Facebook across Vietnam.

We can target your specific customer segment (age, location, interests, industry) … to make sure you communicate to the audience most likely to be interested in your products/services.

Videos can be used on the following platforms:
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google Display Network, LinkedIn, Zalo, Mobile apps

Video Marketing done right

If you want:

• More Awareness
• More Customers
• More Sales
• Make Your Business Boom
It is time to invest in video marketing, you’ll receive all those benefits.

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