Sun World Grapes

Social Media Management

Sun World is a grape brand from California, USA. Sun World Entered the Vietnamese market in 2018. Brand Ninja was tasked with the brand’s local social media activities.

ClientSun World Grapes
ChannelsFacebook / Instagram
Scope Of WorkSocial Media Management, Influencer Marketing, Photo & Video Production

Social Management

Sun World Grapes’ main objective was to increase their overall reach and exposure on social media channels.
The brand wanted to reach a specific audience to promote their grapes’ freshness and crunchiness.
Our team designed the creative and copy for our social media posts.

Our objective was to build awareness and interest toward Sun World Grapes.

We used those posts to run promoted campaigns, including Facebook and Instagram, implemented the targeting
strategy and successfully launched multiple variations of direct response ad campaigns at once.

Influencer Marketing

We partnered with Helen le, a popular Vietnamese chef & Influencer. Helen made a series of 3 videos introducing Sun World Grapes and creating fusion recipes.

She shared the videos on her personal Instagram profile while we used them for our social media video awareness campaigns.

Video & Photography

We attended Sun World’s activation events in HCMC to generate local content such as livestreams, photos, videos.