Nordic Leading SME lender

Leading SME lender

Search Engine Marketing in Scandinavia

This is an exciting project we’re still working on.

A consulting case.

We’re helping a  Nordic business loan & credit company to improve its leads volume & quality.  The campaigns come with lots of challenges, especially high cost per click and heating competition.

Step 1

  • Audit of customer’s current search campaigns – Find out what’s working and what should be improved.

Step 2

Step 3

  • Campaign restructuration (keywords, ad groups, ad extensions…).
  • Implementation of new positive & negative keywords.
  • Conversion tracking implementation.
  • Bids adjustment based on keywords, devices…
  • Remarketing campaign setup.

Split Testing:

  • A/B testing of campaign creatives to drive higher quality traffic.
  • A/B testing of landing pages to improve user experience.



50% less  non-relevant traffic

Cost per lead decreased by 47%

More than 100 small businesses financed in 1 month

Conversions boosted by over 420 % compared to old campaign/website

ClientA Nordic leading SME lenders
Scope Of WorkSearch Engine Marketing


Our customer is a Nordic business loan company.

Target Market

Finnish Small & Medium enterprise owners


  • High competition in the industry
  • High cost-per-click (up to $30/Click)
  • Low Quality leads due to people looking for personnal loans

Customer's feedback

“We are really satisfied with the marketing results Brand Ninja have brought us. We will definetly continue strategic marketing partnership with BN also in coming years.”

Jim Forsbom